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Selected Journal Publications

  • Petropoulou, M. Vassilikopoulou, and S. Retalis (2011). Enriched assessment rubrics: a new medium for enabling teachers to easily assess student's performance when participating in complex interactive learning scenarios, Operational Research, Volume 11 (2), pp. 171-186
  • Vassilikopolou, S. Retalis, M. Nezi, M. Boloudakis (2011). Pilot Use of Educational Digital Comics in Language Teaching, Educational Media International (EMI), Volume 48 (2), pp. 115 - 126
  • Bitter-Rijpkema, S. Retalis, Peter Sloep, R. Sie, M. Katsamani, P. van Rosmalen (2011).  A new approach to collaborative creativity support of new product designers, International Journal of Web Based Communities (IJWBC), special issue “Community-based Innovation: Designing Shared Spaces for Collaborative Creativity” 7(4), pp. 478-492
  • Bouta, S. Retalis, F. Paraskeva (2012). Utilising a collaborative macro-script to enhance student engagement: A mixed method study in a 3D virtual environment, Computers & Education, 58(1), pp. 501-517
  • Katsamani, Μ., Retalis, S., (2012). Designing a Moodle course with the CADMOS learning design tool, Educational Media International, Taylor & Francis Group, 49(4), pp. 317-331.
  • B. Sloep, A. J. Berlanga, W. Greller, S. Stoyanov, M. van der Klink, S. Retalis, J. Hensgens (2012). Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: Tools and Developments. J. UCS 18(1): 44-61
  • Katsamani, Μ., Retalis, S., (2013). Orchestrating Learning Activities Using the CADMOS Learning Design Tool, Research in Learning Technology Supplement, 21: 18051
  • Prieto, LP., Dimitriadis, Y. Craft, B., Derntl, M., Émin, V., Katsamani, M., Laurillard, D., Masterman, E., Retalis, S., Villasclaras E. (2013). Learning design Rashomon II: exploring one lesson through multiple tools, Research in Learning Technology Supplement, 21: 18052
  • G. Altanis, M. Boloudakis, S. Retalis, N. Nikoy (2014). Children with Motor Impairments Play a Kinect Learning Game: First Findings from a Pilot Case in an Authentic Classroom Environment, Interaction Design and Architecture (IxD&A) international journal, special issue on "Game for learning”, N.19, 2013, pp. 91-104
  • Petropoulou O., Psaromiligkos I., Retalis S., & Stefanidis G., (2015). Cultinating and assessing Inquiry thinking skills using mobile digital science lab. In Proceedings of the Conference of International Research Group on Physics Teaching, 6-10 July 2015, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Kourakli, M. Altanis, I. Retalis, S., Boloudakis, M., Zbainos, D. and Antonopoulou, K. (2017). Towards the improvement of the cognitive, motoric and academic skills of students with special educational needs using Kinect learning games. Int. J. Child-Comp. Interact. 11, C (January 2017), 28-39.

International Conference Proceedings

  • Boloudakis, M., Katsamani, M., Retalis, S., Georgiakakis P. (2012). CADMOS: A learning design tool for Moodle courses, Moodle Research Conference 2012, 4-15 September 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Dimopoulos, I., Petropoulou, O., Retalis, S. (2013). Assessing students' performance using the learning analytics enriched rubrics, Dan Suthers, Katrien Verbert (Eds.), Third Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, LAK '13, Leuven, Belgium, April 8-12, 2013, pp. 195-199, ACM, ISBN 978-1-4503-1785-6
  • Dimopoulos, I. Petropoulou, O., Boloudakis, M., Retalis, S. (2013). Using Learning Analytics in Moodle for assessing students’ performance. Proceedings of the 2nd Moodle Research Conference (MRC2013), Retalis, S. & de Raadt, M. (Eds), 40-46.
  • Kasimatis A., Petropoulou O., Retalis S., Dimopoulos I.,Psaromiligkos I., Karaggelis K. (2014).Using Moodle and e-Assessment Methods During a Collaborative Inquiry Learning Scenario, Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC 2014), 24th & 25th June 2014, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Petropoulou, O., Retalis S., Psaromiligkos I., Stefanidis G., Loi S., (2014). Inquiry based learning in primary education: a case study using mobile digital science lab, Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC 2014), 24th & 25th June 2014, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Retalis S., Kourakli, M., Altanis, I., Siameti, F., Korpa, T., Skaloumpakas, C., Papadopoulou, P., Lytra, F., Boloudakis, M., Pervanidou P. (2014). Empowering Children With ADHD Learning Disabilities With the Kinems Kinect Learning Games, 8th European Conference on Games Based Learning ECGBL 2014, 8-10 October, Berlin
  • Petropoulou O., Psaromiligkos I., Retalis S., & Stefanidis G.,  (2015). Cultinating and assessing Inquiry thinking skills using mobile digital science lab.  In Proceedings of the Conference of International Research Group on Physics Teaching (GIREP EPEC), 6-10 July 2015, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • C. Kytagias, Y. Liomas, M.Boloudakis, Y. Psaromiligkos, S. Dimakos, S. Retalis. (2015). A Tool for Re-Designing Courses in Moodle, International Scientific Conference, eRA-10, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, September 2015.
  • P. Kosmas, A. Ioannou, S.Retalis (2017). Using embodied learning technology to advance motor performance of children with special educational needs and motor impairments, 12th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2017, Tallinn, Estonia, September 12-15, 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10474, Springer 2017, ISBN 978-3-319-66609-9
  • I. Liomas, I. Altanis, S. Retalis (2017). An authoring toolkit for creating digital learning board games for cognitive and social skills development. 2017 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), 2017 IEEE. :508-513 Apr, 2017


  • Peter Goodyear & S. Retalis (2010). Technology-enhanced learning: design patterns and pattern languages, Sense Publishers, ISBN 978-94-6091-061-6.
  • Y. Psaromiligkos, A. Spyridakos, S. Retalis (2012). Evaluation in e-Learning, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-61942-942-0

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