Learn about geography, natural environment and its threats, its history, and daily habits.

An online quiz game that appeals to children and adults although designed primarily for children and adolescents aged 8-15 years. It has been created in collaboration with WWF Hellas for promoting primary school children knowledge about the Greek ecosystem.

The game starts from Thrace, next stop is the island complex of Cyclades and final destination is Attica. Answering correctly to knowledge questions and with some luck, the player is invited to gather sufficient score (and suitable tools) to overcome potential pitfalls and unlock the three “levels” of the game. Competing with other players, everyone can achieve a better rating, which will give useful gifts at the end of each level and one of the top positions in the list of highest scores! The virtual journey enriches the knowledge of each student in geography, the natural environment and its threats, its history, and daily habits which can be more "green".

You can access the game here:

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