April 2013, 1st place at the Microsoft Hellas Imagine Cup competition with the Kinemat project

Kinemat combines the added value of illustrated educational books that aim to help young children (4-6 years old) to acquire basic knowledge and skills, electronic toys and playful activities for children such as blocks, bricks lego, etc. It creates interactive narrative instructional book-games which are played by young children (4-6 years old) with physical interaction (i.e. with body movements and without the need of a mouse and keyboard) thanks to the Kinect for Windows camera. Children reading an interactive book and are invited to reveal the story by playing alone or in collaborative activities either with hand and body movements or by the use of objects.

Kinemat aims at helping children love books and enrich their educational process with fun, experiential learning and effective activities via physical interaction technologies and augmented reality.

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