PhD Candidates

Academic Background

  • Phd candidate in Innovation & Creativity, University of Piraeus, Doctoral dissertation with subject: “Computer supported development of creativity thinking and youth entrepreneurship in secondary education students”. Supervisor: Retalis Symeon
  • Master in E-learning (MSc) Piraeus University, Department of Digital Systems MSc dissertation with subject: “E-Learning course in Agroecology ”. Supervisor: Retalis Symeon
  • Bachelor in Agriculture, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition

Professional Experience

  • Secondary Education Teacher in Agriculture and Technology from 2003
  • Trainer of OEPEK (2010), (2011)
  • Trainer at University Training Centre of ICT (2011)


Papers published in proceedings of Greek conferences:

  • Stagias, I., (2015): Enhancing the creativity of students with innovative entrepreneurship ideas through technology virtual environmental .In N. Tzimopoulos, N. Rumeli (Eds.), Proceedings of 8th National Conference of Educational ICT "Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching Practice", Syros, 26-28 June 2015
  • Stagias, I., (2010): Online learning management system to environmental education in Proceedings of 2th National Educational Conference Hmathia 2010. ISBN 978-960-99301-0-9
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