PhD Candidates

Academic Background

  • Phd in progress, University of Piraeus, Greece, Supervisor: Symeon Retalis
  • Master in Telecommunication Electronics (M.Sc). University of Glasgow, School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering M.Sc dissertation with subject: “Characterization of a Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier”. Supervisor: Dr Anthony Kelly.
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering.

Professional Experience

  • Lab teacher in Programming in Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. Procedural programming, Object Oriented Programming, Web Development using C, C++, C#,, PHP, Python, MySQL, Javascript. [10/2010–6/2016]
  • Member of project “SERCo - Social Entrepreneurship for Roma Communities”, University of Piraeus. [1/2016–8/2016]
  • Member of project “Innovation Fund - Educational Atlas Greece”, University of Piraeus. Designing a web-based educational game. [5/2015–2/2016]
  • Member of project “Open Courses”, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. Designing and producing Massive Open Online Courses, Managing Moodle Learning Management System. [1/2014–1/2016]
  • Παραμετροποίηση του Συστήματος Εκμάθησης (LMS) Moodle
  • Development and support of Web Applications, IDIKA SA [2013]
  • Project “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit”, University of Piraeus. Designing and developing Web 2.0 communities and Portals. [10/2010 – 9/2014]
  • Self-employment. Designing and developing Web Applications, Configuration and setup of Local Area Networks. [2009 – Today]

Research Interests

  • Natural User Interface Multisensory technology for the improvement of cognitive and executive skills for children with pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Designing and redesigning courses by analysing data mined from Moodle learning management system.


Member of the implementation team of the international & internal projects:

  • MOKEP: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit”, University of Piraeus
  • Open Courses: “Open Courses in Piraeus University of Applied Sciences”, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences
  • Kallipos: Greek Academic E-Books, European Social Fund/Ε.S.F., Ministry of Education, OP "Education and Lifelong Learning"
  • Around the World in 80 Questions: “Educational Environmental Atlas for Greece”, WWF Hellas
  • SERCO: “Mapping Social Entrepreneurship in Roma Communities”, European Union
  • ALdia: “Accessible Learning Design, implementation and accreditation”, European Union


Papers published in proceedings of Greek conferences:

  • Presentation in HELORS 2016 conference, PUAS: “An Authoring Tool for creating Digital Learning Board Games for Cognitive and Social Skills development”.
  • Publication in HELORS 2016 conference, PUAS: “Identifying Defects in Learning Design through a Risk Analysis Process based on Learning Analytics”.
  • Publication in SCinTE 2015 conference, Technological Institute of Athens: “Mining the Log Files of Moodle: Towards Moodle Analytics”.
  • Publication in eRA 2015 conference, PUAS: “A Tool for Re-Designing Courses in Moodle”.
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