CADMOS, a graphical learning design tool that allows a practitioner to easily create lesson plans. One of the main innovative features of CADMOS is that a lesson plan can be exported so that it can be deployed and enacted in a Moodle platform.

CADMOS is a graphic-based learning design tool that has been created in order to be used by teachers for the needs of the learning design process. CADMOS fully supports in a user-friendly way with guidance the learning design process which involves a number of steps such as: the specification of the learning activities need to be performed by human actors (e.g. learners, tutors) in order to achieve the learning objectives, the orchestration of the learning activities, i.e. the sequence of the specified learning activities as well as the identification of the learning resources and services that need to be used in order to support the learning activities. Since this process is iterative, learning designers, mostly teachers with basic computer skills, can easily modify, update or enhance their designs in order that to achieve the required level of learning effectiveness
Unique and innovative features of CAMDOS tool are that 1) it can export the learning design as a Moodle course format which can be restored in a live Moodle LMS and 2) it can export the learning design in Word document format for general use.

For information about CADMOS please read the following papers

You can download CADMOS from here:

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