The Learning Analytics Enriched Rubric (LA e-Rubric) is an advanced grading method used for criteria-based assessment. As a rubric, it consists of a set of criteria. For each criterion, several descriptive levels are provided. A numerical grade is assigned to each of these levels.

An enriched rubric contains some criteria and related grading levels that are associated to data from the analysis of learners’ interaction and learning behavior in a Moodle course, such as number of post messages, times of accessing learning material, assignments grades and so on.

Using learning analytics from log data that concern collaborative interactions, past grading performance and inquiries of course resources, the LA e-Rubric can automatically calculate the score of the various levels per criterion. The total rubric score is calculated as a sum of the scores per each criterion.

For information about LAe-R moodle plugin please read the following papers

  • Dimopoulos, Ioannis, et al. "Using Learning Analytics in Moodle for assessing students’ performance." (2013): 40-46.
  • Dimopoulos, Ioannis, Ourania Petropoulou, and Symeon Retalis. "Assessing students' performance using the learning analytics enriched rubrics."Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. ACM, 2013.
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You can download LAe-R Moodle plugin from here:

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